New Work For Sale – Paintings

┬áBirds, Animals, Fish…..

Painting of two fish facing each other by artist Jilly Cobbe

Big Fish Little Fish

Painting of Birds - a Wren on a Curlew's beak by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Curlew & Wren – SOLD

Painting of an Andean Condour by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Andean Condour – SOLD

Painting of Burrowing Owl by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Burrowing Owl – SOLD

Drawing of an Eagle by artist Jilly Cobbe

The Eagle by Alfred

Painting of an Eurasian Black Vulture by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Eurasian Black Vulture

Painting of a Hooded Vulture by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Hooded Vulture

Drawing of a Kestrel by Artist Jilly Cobbe


Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird


One thought on “New Work For Sale – Paintings

  1. Hi Jilly,
    Great to meet you today @ Nature in Art.

    Love your style of work. Will try & get my watercolours out again soon.
    Will look into entering some of my photos into Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

    All the very best
    Chris Payne
    Wildlife Photographer & Documentary Lighting Cameraman/Editor


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