Latest Work

Painting of a Tawny Owl by artist Jilly Cobbe

Tawny Owl

Painting of a water bird by artist Jilly Cobbe

The Sentinel

Painting of a skating minister and a swan inspired by The Skating Minister, is an oil painting attributed to Henry Raeburn by painter Jilly Cobbe

Homage to the Reverend

Hare Trail Hare by Jilly Cobbe

Hare Trail in the Cotswolds

Painting of two fish facing each other by artist Jilly Cobbe

Big Fish Little Fish

Painting of Birds - a Wren on a Curlew's beak by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Curlew & Wren – SOLD

Painting of an Andean Condour by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Andean Condour – SOLD

Painting of Burrowing Owl by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Burrowing Owl – SOLD

Drawing of an Eagle by artist Jilly Cobbe

The Eagle by Alfred

Painting of an Eurasian Black Vulture by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Eurasian Black Vulture

Painting of a Hooded Vulture by Artist Jilly Cobbe

Hooded Vulture

Drawing of a Kestrel by Artist Jilly Cobbe


Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird

5 thoughts on “Latest Work

  1. Hi Jilly,
    Great to meet you today @ Nature in Art.

    Love your style of work. Will try & get my watercolours out again soon.
    Will look into entering some of my photos into Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

    All the very best
    Chris Payne
    Wildlife Photographer & Documentary Lighting Cameraman/Editor


  2. Hi Jilly thanks for taking the time to demo for me yesterday. Hope the soup wasn,t too cold by the time you got to have some! I have also sent a note to Twigworth to say how much I enjoyed viewing your work.


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